Daily Pics October 3rd, 2014 by greg brophy

3 bikes outside an Oil Refinery in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I have photographed this area many times. Sometimes I am surprised that people pay so much money to live so close to an Oil Refinery.

3 bikes

Daily Pics September 15th, 2014 by greg brophy

My wife and I are looking to buy a house. While checking out one in the Flatbush Brooklyn area I came across the Nostrand Donut Shop. There is something that I just love about old signage.

Featured on Fotovisura today by admin


My series Coney Island Lost was featured today on Fotovisura. They are a site for documentary and art photographers. They also offer grants each year. They have a lot of really great photographers and is a great self publishing platform.

Interview with the Impossible Project by admin

Retired for the Summer featured

Today, my interview with the Impossible Project was posted on their blog. If you don't know who they are, The Impossible Project are the makers of the new Polaroid type film. The project that was featured is my "Life and Death of a Shore Town". It is about how drastically different shore towns and beach communities are during different times of the year. Now after Hurricane Sandy, the towns in New Jersey will be changed in a way that I could never imagine. I am sure a lot of people will not return or will not be able to return. The rental houses, which are primarily for young kids, will not survive or if they do there will be very few of them left. I want to thank the Impossible Project for all there support and for bringing back some wonderful film with all it's idiosyncrasies. These photos were taken with this film specifically because of the instant and often unpredictable nature of the film. To stress the temporary nature of communities.