Coney Island Lost

No matter how long you have been here, you are a New Yorker the first time you say, ”That used to be Munsey’s”
Colson Whitehead’s “Lost and Found

New York City is an ever-evolving city of constant flux. The businesses of Coney Island’s boardwalk have been pushed out by Thor Equities in a long legal battle. The photos were taken during the last weekend of business for most of the stores on the boardwalk, the heart of Coney Island. They are a record of a small slice of time in the long and colorful history of Coney Island.

Like many artists, I have found Coney Island to be an endless source of inspiration. From the unique and large boardwalk, to the beautiful costumes during the Mermaid Parade and the diverse and strange group of people there you can find there all year round. It is a special place that for me takes me back to a time before everything became a chain store. There are a few places where I find myself going back to photograph; Coney Island is one of them.

 My own Private New York City started to disappear since the beginning of the Giuliani administration and continues through to the current administration.  I used to be able to find some of New York Cities more interesting places like Bellevue Bar, CBGB’s and Shopsins restaurant, but they are all gone now. I don’t want to be one of those people who want New York City to go back to the old days of high crime and drugs, but I am also not interested in seeing it become the largest mall in America. Coney Island will always be here, even though I may not recognize it, but in reality the city is a living, breathing creature that will always change at a pace that we are not ready for.