Where the Ocean Meets the Shore

On October 29th, 2012 Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey and dramatically changed my life and the lives of many people I love. I am a native of Hazlet, N.J., and spent much of my life in and among the shore communities of South Jersey. My parents have lived in Manasquan, a small town near Point Pleasant, for 13 years prior to the storm. Their house was flooded with about two feet of water; they were lucky. Many of their neighbors had fared much worse. 

As I witnessed the struggles and problems of people trying to rebuild their lives, I am working to convey the sheer power of the force that damaged people’s homes and their communities within the same image. Hurricane Sandy is one of the many warning signs we still fail to see. Climate change is coming whether we like it or not. As a society we have some hard decisions to make before it’s too late and they are made for us.