Ripped Right Through - Photos from Hurricane Sandy by admin

I came across this house in Point Pleasant N.J. right on the Manasquan Inlet. The whole street here had been torn apart. This is one of the many that suffered damage. Six months after Hurricane Sandy, it still remains untouched. The belongings from the occupants laid bare for all to see. See more photos here.

Ripped Right Through - Photos from Hurricane Sandy

Ripped Right Through - Photos from Hurricane Sandy

Abandoned Like an Old Car - Photos from Hurricane Sandy by admin

Seabright New Jersey, a house along the ocean that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. If you look closely on the left, you can see an old rusted out car. See more photos here.

More Hurricane Sandy Double Exposures by admin

This is what is left of Donovan's Reef in Sea Bright after Hurricane Sandy. This past weekend I to scout out the area with my father to see if there were still places to photograph. I came across Donovan's, or what was left of Donovan's and what struck me about this scene was all the debris scattered about, the large hole that was left and the way the telephone pole leaned over. I have a strong connection to this bar I used to drink at in Seabright N.J. A lot of my old High School friends would go there all the time. I was told it was bad, but I had not seen it for myself. One hot summer day, my father and I were in the area on a Saturday afternoon and we were hungry and thirsty. As we made our way to Donovan's Reef, we were almost run over by a crowd of people. It was bizarre at that time because it was a Saturday afternoon, a time when the place is usually not that crowded. We decided to go elsewhere for lunch and only when we went home, did we find out that Bruce Springsteen made a surprise visit to the bar. I always joke about how people in NJ always have a story about how they met the boss or have someone related to him (apparently, he has a lot of relatives, according to the stories) so I joke that this is the closest thing to a Bruce story I have.

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