Behind the Photo - Junk Yard Dog / by greg brophy

This is the first post in a series where I explain the backstory of the photos from The Iron Triangle.

During my first trip to Willets Point in 2013, I was a bit nervous. This place can be very intimidating with a landscape like a battle field and noises of cars being fixed that go right through you. I had brought a large Canon DSLR with various large lenses to capture every detail. The problem is nobody would let me photograph them with this monster camera. That day, most of my photos were of landscapes until this one-eyed junk yard dog started following me. This dog followed me pretty much everywhere that day. You will also see a large number of cats in every corner.

four years later junk yard dog.jpg

When I first started this series, there was some hope that the area would stay the same. Now, four years later after many battles lost with the city over the area this is what the same photo above looks like now. A lot more businesses have closed and keep closing. It’s basically just a matter of time.