Daily Pics October 18th, 2014 / by greg brophy

Ok ok so I have been negligent on posting new pictures, but I was away for a short trip to Mystic Connecticut with my wife. We like Antiques a lot and so we went looking for new stuff. We also visited my friend in Rhode Island who owns an antique store and we also went to Boston. It was the first time for Eni and she loved it.

As a photographer and an artist, my work often tends to be about political or heavy topics which brings me to my next point. Sometimes while traveling I allow myself to take photos that do not always fit into that style. I think as an artist sometimes it is good to let the art world, which can be pretentious, fade back and allow yourself to take travel photos. Ones that are not always about some deep topics. That is not to say they cannot be great or serious. One just needs to look at Robert Franks "The Americans", but one that allows you to see things that you may not ordinarily see if I was thinking of photos that are more socially or politically based. That is what these blog posts have really been about. Sometimes doing the more heavy topics can take a lot out of you and you may need to recharge your batteries on something more basic. Sometimes these little side projects can lead to bigger and better ideas.

 A country road in Connecticut

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